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What we do


Communications Infrastructure (CI) refers to the cables, pathways, equipment and core spaces within a building that are used for distribution of those critical communication services to tenants and building systems. The Property Management (PM) aspect represents the comprehensive management attributes that a building has normally, but with a twist: our property management is fully focused on the building's communications infrastructure.

Building Distribution

SPRECOM is the leader in making CIPM services fair, transparent, and of significant value to building owners, managers, and telecommunication service providers in any building type.

As founders of the CIPM industry, SPRECOM offers a unique solution that operates in any building type.  All CIPM programs are specifically tailored to meet our clients’ communications infrastructure needs, building by building, and provides building owners, managers and telecom service providers with a tangible outcome – control. Any building can have a CIPM program, which will give you control while ensuring the building’s communications infrastructure is telecommunication codes, standards, and regulations compliant.

CIPM Program Services:

CI Security 
Sprecom Controlled Access provides secured, qualified access to  telecom service providers, tradespeople or building tenants which  effectively eliminates distractions for building management while  ensuring core spaces are protected and records are maintained. 

CI Audit
CI Audits are conducted yearly, at minimum, and involve a site survey and a record-set update to verify that the CI database records are accurate and no other CI issues have developed. 

CI Situation Assessment

This entails an analysis of any CI issues that arise. A report is developed on the current CI situation with
recommendations an
d next steps.

CI Action Report

This service involves notifying the appropriate party (usually a telecom service provider) of a telecom code or standard violation 
and ensuring that the appropriate party conducts the repairs.

Identify Building CI Services

To ensure low cost building operations and 24/7 operability, we identify, record, order, and report building system CI services lines for elevator, fire panel, HVAC, security and other.

PAAR (Plan Approval Acceptance & Report)

For CI moves, additions and changes, Sprecom will review and approve the plans, inspect the completed work, and provide a report to ensure that the work was done in accordance to the approved plans and meets telecom codes, standards and regulations. 

CI Conditions Report

This service applies to a space in which a tenant has recently vacated. Sprecom will conduct an inspection to identify any telecom codes or standards issues. A report of the findings will be sent to the appropriate party.

CI Provisioning

This service involves the ordering, coordinating, and managing of CI work for our partners. This could include the ordering of phone or internet services, or managing firestopping and cable installation.

CI Contract Service

We negotiate, analyze, and/or collect TSP INTRA (within building) and INTER (servicing from the building) contracts to ensure that agreements are fair for both parties. We also perform compliance reviews so all terms are being adhered to. 

* These services, if required, are outside the monthly CIPM program investment cost.  |  † The costs associated with these reviews are the responsibility of the specific Telecom Service Provider (TSP)

Savings and Value:


  • Provides you with experts to run your CIPM program, including a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), resulting in a cost savings of $120K/year.

  • Telecom service providers operating intra-building services offset the CIPM program and average of
    40-50% (savings may vary by number of TSPs servicing the building).

  • Per regulations, telecom service providers don't pay for access and are provided with a single point of contact.


  • Your team can focus on their core competencies, building operations, and the tenants.

  • You can leverage SPRECOM'S existing relationships with the telecom service providers for quicker response to tenant inquiries regarding telecom services.

  • Telecom installers have access to telecom specialists who can provide them building-specific communications infrastructure (CI) information, greatly reducing their onsite times.


  • Telecom industry experts qualify access requests to the buildings' core space by tenants, building tradespeople, and telecom service providers, which frees up your operations and management.

  • Telecom service providers and tenants receive assistance as needed to swiftly resolve CI issues.


  • Detailed records of the buildings' CI are developed, regularly maintained, and available at any time.

  • Moves, additions, and changes are qualified to ensure they comply with telecom codes, standard and regulations.

  • Telecom service provider operation type is identified and the appropriate compensation is negotiated.

  • Compliance to the telecom agreements is ensured, including obtaining current insurance certificates.

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