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Government decisions* have made building owners solely responsible for their building’s CI Core Spaces. In combination with that, the demands on building owners’ and property managers’ time are ever-increasing and the skills required to maintain these complicated areas are becoming increasingly specialized.

SPRECOM's CIPM Program is responsive to these needs and delivers the following benefits:


Increase in productivity and time through SPRECOM'S 
Controlled Access service, while outsourcing CI related responsibilities to industry experts.


4 Experience.png

100+ years of collective telecom experience and expertise in telecom code, standard and regulations.

Cost Distribution


Your asset value is protected by ensuring that the condition of the building’s critical CI core spaces does not degrade over time but rather improves.

Risk Management

Risk management through telecom occupational health and safety, operations, and security.

Attract Tenants

Liability Management

Management of the building owner’s liabilities to telecom codes, standards, and regulations.


Experts in Intra (within the building) and Inter (operating from the building) contract negotiations ensure you are getting fair market value while protecting your asset.

Per regulations, the CIPM program can be partially offset by the telecom service providers and this fee is distributed equally amongst the providers.

Retain and attract tenants though well managed Communications Infrastructure by ensuring your buildings readiness for evolving CI technologies.

What kind of benefits are you looking for?

*CRTC Decision 99-10, *CRTC Decision 2003-45

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